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Put simply….

Big companies with big budgets hire big ad agencies to come up with big ideas. We know all about it. We’re the ones who have been coming up with those big ideas.

Welcome to now. Oh yea, we are still coming up with the big ideas. But now, we are a small company with the smarts, accessibility and flexibility to get the job done, without blowing the budget.

We’re Viener&Partners, we’ve been creating big ideas that break through the clutter for over 25 years. No matter what size you are today, watch out world, let our big ideas help you grow. Now.

So, if you have a good challenge with your brand, organization or business, we’re here to help!

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Hilarie S. Viener
Founder, V&P

About Hilarie


From multi-national to Main Street, we have worked with over 100 brands from very big, global companies to really cool start-ups.

We understand the challenges facing niche, emerging and heritage brands.

Together, it will be our mutual goal, to take your brand to the next level.

At our core we are marketers who work with our clients to identify the gaps and create pathways to success.

At Viener&Partners, we are a team of agency leaders, corporate marketing executives and consultants with established track records and loads of experience in strategically developing brands and products. We leverage our insider knowledge and business acumen to generate the most impact and drive revenue for your brand.


Our proprietary suite of services is based on three guiding principles:

  • Know your brand and consumers
  • Reach your audience
  • Stay the course, pivot and keep growing

That’s why we begin each new client relationship by learning all about …well…everything!

We call it Discovery. Here we learn as much as we can about all the touch points of your brand, business or organization, we share information, do research and formulate insights. This work is the foundation of everything we do, it is imperative and highly collaborative.

Our “A” team has C-level chops…

We understand that it takes a constant mix of lots of elements to make your brand or business grow and prosper. 

Research (Discovery)
Brand and Consumer Insights
Brand Strategy and Planning for launch, re-positioning and product extensions

Marketing, Communications and Media Strategy and Planning
Brand Partnerships and Co-branding programs

Social Media
Public Relations

Media Planning

Corporate Partnerships


We understand that matching brand partners with cultural organization and non-profits is challenging.

Success requires knowledge and network combined with access, understanding and the ability to curate the RIGHT relationships between the two.

Based on our relationships with hundreds of brands, organizations and influencers, we have developed Brand&Culture. Through our proprietary process and access to our unparalleled network, we secure sponsorships and partnerships that cultivate the most beneficial results for both parties.


You know the saying, “you are judged by the company you keep” – well, we wouldn’t have it any other way! We offer a tremendous pool of the best and brightest nationally recognized communications professionals and partner companies.

We work together based on mutual interest and experience with each proposed assignment. All of these established, smart and talented individuals have proven track records in their respective professions, as well as in working with our staff. So not only are you getting tremendous talent, but the opportunity to work with people that work well together.

We are based in New York, New York and have partner agencies in Washington, DC and London, UK and resources across the US.

Featured &Partners

The &Partner team has been carefully selected based on not only the services they provide, but equally on their compatibility from a personality and ethical perspective. We are all in agreement that we want to work with people we actually like, trust and respect, right?

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